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Nature Has Everything We Need To Survive

Have you ever wondered what life was like before the modern age? Before technology, electricity, supermarkets? We have come to a point where that is almost unimaginable. Living without power, without the internet, without having a store a few feet from us to buy everything we need from food to cleaning supplies. Can you imagine not having any pre-made food or Grubhub? Instead, you have to find food every single day to survive? Can you imagine facing a strange problem and not having the internet to research what it is and how to fix it?

We don't have to imagine it because we all know that people didn't have electricity nor supermarkets that had options for every possible need for sustaining life. They didn't have a pharmacy on every street corner to buy medication specific to every illness.

Maybe there weren't as many diseases back then, but for the conditions they did have, there was very little understanding of the origins and even less regular medical treatments.

So how did people sustain life and prevent everyone from getting sick and dying out? Well, the answer is simple. They live a more natural lifestyle. What does this mean? It means that when everything else fails, nature usually had the answer all along, and if we are patient enough and willing to search and learn the rules of natural life.

How Can Nature Help?

When you think about it, in the early days, before documented civilization, when humans didn't all the creature comforts, what is unimaginable today was commonplace and, in some cases, better. So what did they have? They had simples lives, filled with ordinary everyday activities that enable living. Gathering fruits and vegetables, hunting for food, making shelters, finding water, and merely surviving and enjoying their freedom. Nature provided everything, all needs were met, and life was sustained by the earth, and it still does today. The only difference is that we are unfortunately uneducated, unaware, and, most unfortunately, unsatisfied with only nature today. We are slaves to inorganic foods, artificial sweeteners, unhealthy amounts of sugars, and so on. In today's world, people also prefer quantity over quality, so everything is made cheap and unhealthy just so someone can make more money. You can find more in-depth about that in this excellent article.

Nature has made a specific food for every type of living cell in your body and every living organism on this planet. If that wasn't the case, then our whole species would have died out. Think about it. We need proteins for muscle growth, immune strengthening, and all sorts of other reasons. Meat and some types of vegetables can give us that. We need calcium for our bones, spinach is one example that can provide that for us. We require vitamins for organ processes to function normally. Every type of fruit is filled with different kinds of vitamins that can serve us well. The only problem is that very few people are taught to eat only naturally or don't have the means to. In order to consume everything we need, we have to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables per day to replace a vitamin pill or additive. Since, as we mentioned, not everyone can afford or just can't make it through eating that many vegetables and fruits every single day of their lives, problems occur.

The recommended amount of vegetables per day is said to be five portions per day. Do you know anyone who eats that many vegetables every day? Not once a week, not a few days per month. Every single day. The meat wasn't an ordinary commodity back then, so people relied on vegetables and fruits. They couldn't just go to the butcher or supermarket and buy all types of modified meats filled with growth hormones. They had to hunt, work very hard, and risk getting killed for this type of food. So their diet subsisted on what was provided by the earth and what grew around them, and it was sustainable.

However, that doesn't mean you should go out and hunt wild boars or bison. Buying meat once in a while is not a bad thing. The vital thing to get out of this story is that vegetables and fruits are a crucial part of living a healthy life. They can even be free if you have some space for a garden to plant anything you want. Peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, you name it. Many types of fruit trees that can last you a lifetime is also a super cool, economical idea. In fact. It's best if you had your own space at home to grow some vegetables and fruits. They wouldn't be sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides and be completely organic. A common type thing people do is build a small greenhouse in their backyards. It's perfect for winter and faster growth for crops. It takes little work except for the occasional shoveling and watering the field.

There is no need to turn this into the main focus of your life. It's simple. Plant something that could improve your diet and steer you to a healthier and nutrient-filled organic food. The point is to make sure you eat as many vegetables as you can and stay on that course. Be sure to check out this post about what nature gives us every day and has given from the very beginning.

Discipline Yourself And Believe

It's hard to change the way people live now, but we can at least try to improve it and be more dependent and believe in nature. However things may seem now, it's never too late to change something about yourself for the better. I speak from personal experience, that once you start believing in something and work tirelessly to improve it, in the end, you succeed. Whatever you wish to better about your health, prevent or cure, nature itself has all the answers. All you have to do is find out what can help you the most and search for it. With self-discipline and hard work, you can achieve anything. IT doesn't matter if that means being a success in your field, beating a disease, or simply improving your health, it is possible.

A common thing for me and something I always ask myself when dealing with a medical situation is: "What does nature have to offer as a solution?" If I look hard enough for the answer, I always find it, assuming I can't find it online. The critical thing to remember here is that nature has a solution for every problem possible. As we all know, it's easier to destroy than to create. The same goes for healing. It's easier to damage than to heal. Which is why we mustn't give up and rely on nature to be our best friend in situations like that.

Feel free to research more in-depth online regarding what we have talked about here. At the end of the day, no one knows what's more valid than the other, so we are left to trust our guts and decide for our selves. It's difficult for people to accept things that they haven't been taught to believe during their whole lives, and that's totally understandable. Only you decide what is worth considering, but don't hesitate to try new things as that's how new beliefs are born. Simply give nature a shot at helping you find your true self and what you truly need to be happy, healthy, and stress-free.

Leave the technology for a bit, go somewhere outdoors without any distractions, feel the air, feel the soft sounds from every little natural movement out there and just relax. Connect with everything and trust in the process. Trust nature and she will provide!

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