• Theresa Quitto-Dickerson

An Organic Approach To Nurturing Your Body

Updated: May 11, 2020

It is no secret that people don’t really worry about their bodies beyond the surface level that much. “Do I look Fat’, “Is that a wrinkle?”, or “I used to have more muscles, I should go to the gym.”  until it’s too late or barely on time. Until a time when people get a diagnosis or experience some other close call that changed their lives a little or drastically could have. But, there are more than enough reasons that could grab your attention now, either just because or based on other people’s experience that unfortunately is being taken for granted. 

Your health and your body’s overall condition should not be taken as a joke. After all, it’s easier to prevent an issue than to cure one. With little effort and some self-discipline, you can improve the quality of your life drastically by taking care of your body the right way and right now.

Think of it like this. How did our ancestors survive in the past with no technology, with no modern medicine? Why were there half as many diseases as there are today? How are wild animals twice as healthier than us when all they survive off is nature itself?

Well, the answer lies in the questions mentioned above. Nature! I believe that all we need, all we could have ever needed to survive as a species was already provided for us. Provided for every living being, in fact. Let’s take a closer look at how switching back to an organic lifestyle is actually better in the long run.

A Few Ways To Improve

Try Changing Your Diet

This doesn’t have to mean that starting tomorrow, you will be making drastic changes to what you eat, drink and generally consume. What it does mean is that every day, little by little, try replacing certain foods that you know are making your health condition worse with something more green and organic.

One important thing that you must understand here is having self-discipline. We hear people saying this all the time, but in this case, why is that so important? Well, anything that is not forced upon you has to come from your own willingness to do said thing. And that can get pretty hard because you might give up at the slightest urge to do so. Train yourself to eat healthier, to create it as a habit and it will get easier once you have passed that early initial period of transformation/resistance.

You don’t have to throw away everything that you like, even if it is unhealthy. This is moderation, and yes a little self-discipline comes in, a good practice is to reduce fast foods by 50%, reduce sweets, reduce artificial flavors. We all know that consuming lots of sugar can cause you to gain weight. A study in an article done by Cancer Research UK, notes how robust scientific evidence finds a direct correlation to being overweight and cancer.

Cutting down sugar can eliminate what this study shows as being “obese increases the risk of 13 different types of cancer.” Another extremely unhealthy food item we could all use a little less of is soda. Or pop, if you’re from the mid-western US. There isn’t one way a soda improves your health, other than a refreshing beverage once in a while, water is always the way to go. Check out that article, it’s a really great read!

Use Up Your Dirt

Do you have a garden in your home, or some area where it’s not filled with cement, or maybe a place for big pots? If that happens to be the case, then take the opportunity to grow your own food. It might not sound like much, but it doesn’t have to replace your whole diet. Picking at least one homegrown and fresh vegetable which hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, which are the exact opposite of organic, will do a lot for you.

Try planting some tomatoes, carrots, parsley, anything to at least decorate your dishes with and consume some healthy vitamins, fibers and proteins.

Take it slow and try to eat at least one piece of organic fruit or vegetable a day. We all know that the urge for candy and fast food is quite strong because, well, it’s a form of satisfaction, which is what every living thing naturally desires. That strong urge fades with time and less consumption.

The beginning is tough, but the good news is that it does get easier, as long as you commit. This is the beginning of your organic journey, be kind to yourself, it took all of us years to form bad eating habits, so it is a process to use the newly acquired self-discipline to form the good ones!

Get Some Inspiration

If you are having a hard time convincing yourself that committing to getting healthier and switching to a better and more fulfilling lifestyle, then how about you take people who have already done it and are still doing it as an example. Take celebrities, sure some of them do extensive surgery to look good after all of those years, but that simply isn’t the case for all of them.

There are many celebrity guides to leading a healthy lifestyle you can find online which are actually practiced by celebs, every day. Take this guide about what Miranda Kerr Eats In A Day and understand that it’s not that hard and it’s definitely worth it. Or, how about this one, about Susan Lucci? There are countless examples of people online who are doing everything it takes to have a more fulfilling life and get rid of having health problems all the time.

The sad part here is that people start eating healthier, commit, and say they feel nothing different after a while then quit. What you can’t tell is the number of sicknesses you probably have prevented due to this new healthier lifestyle. It’s always what you can see that people tend to focus on or even obsess over. It’s never just the steady flow of happiness and lack of new problems, which is what should matter in the long run.

Aside from the lack of new health problems all of the time, the first thing you will start to see is an improvement in how you look. Cellulite will start disappearing, your skin will start to look smoother and more elastic, fat reserves will start to burn off and give you that slick and slim look you have always been wanting. Internal processes of the body will start to turn back to normal, which they hadn’t had the chance to do so before due to all the unhealthy sugars and fast foods, full of more fat than anyone needs. Blood pressure starts to normalize, cholesterol levels begin to regulate, and overall, all of the organs with take a break from all of that hyper work and go back to normal, regulated work.

Really Understand You Depend On Your Body

It’s a pretty simple thing to understand, but for some reason, few people are doing anything about it. We mentioned earlier, there are those people who suffer tragedies and need to back into a healthier lifestyle. Their lives now depend on it but why be the type of person wise enough now. You depend on your body. Lean in, stop feeding your body unnecessary poisons and substances that are killing you slowly. Push past the surface need to experience short bursts of satisfaction. These are caused by stimulants and chemicals that cause us to stay addicted. It’s time to become a better you.

Yes, it is hard, and from experience, it’s among the hardest things that I am doing. However, it is important to understand that the goal is the chance to give ourselves a healthier boost in life. Improving is never easy, which is why it’s easier to destroy than to create. But what’s more fulfilling? Throwing away something you love and that was given to you? Or keeping it, nurturing it and doing anything you can to keep it by your side?

After someone understands this, then and only then, is when they can start improving. It requires a change of lifestyle. The food eaten and the habits created, but in the end, it’s your life, but it is the only one you have. Only you can choose how to live it. Whether to move forward and improve, or stay where you are and risk falling every day, your choice. Give yourself a chance, Live Organically!

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